Melvin Rivera is an award-winning designer, developer, and speaker currently living in NY. His background as a co-founder of Mostasa, a design company in the heart of Hollywood, gave him the privilege of working with Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Universal, and MGM.

Today, he's a Senior UX product designer at NBC Universal working on the next generation of news apps.

He codes, bakes, travels, photographs, runs and releases apps under the All Forces label.


NBC News - A new generation of TV news apps

Client: NBC News
For: NBC Universal
Role: UX Design & Code
Category: apps

Tasked with making NBC News a first class digital experience, the design for the OTT apps is bold, immersive, and delightful. At the heart of the strategy is combining three brands into one UX system that satisfies the user's brand affinity but includes the breadth of the content available.


Highlights from select projects

NBC News - A new generation of TV news apps
NBC News
Show Hacker - An open source project built to explore web technologies like static site generators, web scrappers and admin panels for non-tech contributors.
Show Hacker
Nota - An essential companion for anyone learning muaic
TODAY - Transforming America’s most popular morning show apps
Margana - Mastering the power of language
thirtyaday fitness - A simple fitness tracker in your pocket
thirtyaday fitness
Witches Of East End - Promotional Keyart Poster
Witches Of East End
Inside Man - Promotional Keyart Poster
Inside Man
Birch Tree Entertainment -
Birch Tree Entertainment
Cocoa Is My Girlfriend - Adding some attitude and personaity to a developer blog's logo
Cocoa Is My Girlfriend
AP Mobile - A news legacy builds it's first direct to consumer product
AP Mobile
ThinkerToy: Shapes - Building a creative tool for children
ThinkerToy: Shapes
Is Anybody There - Pomotional website for theatrical film release
Is Anybody There
Twin Peaks - Promotional website for DVD release
Twin Peaks
Weinstein.com - Redesign of Weistein website
310 to Yuma - Promotional website for theatrical film release
310 to Yuma
The Green - Idenntity logo design exploration
The Green
Hannibal Rising - Pomotional website for theatrical film release
Hannibal Rising
Rize - Logo Idenntity Exploration
Rescue Dawn - Pomotional website for theatrical film release
Rescue Dawn
Home of the Brave - Web Design
Home of the Brave
Arthur and the Invisibles - Pomotional website for theatrical film release
Arthur and the Invisibles
James Bond - The digital home for 007
James Bond
Two Weeks Notice - Pomotional website for theatrical film release
Two Weeks Notice
Moulin Rouge - Pomotional website for dvd film release
Moulin Rouge
Mostasa - Identity design for own company
Species 2 - Theatrical Keyart Poster Design
Species 2
Mercado Cristiano - Magazine Layout & Design
Mercado Cristiano
Live FLesh - Theatrical Keyart Poster Design
Live FLesh
Unforgettable - Theatrical Keyart Poster Design
Lorca - Theatrical Keyart Poster Design
2019 Winner

Best Redesign EPPY Award

NBC News Apple TV app
2019 Winner

Best Mobile Innovation Digiday Award

NBC News app
2019 Finalist

Best Overall Design Digiday Award

NBC News Digital
2018 Winner

Best Mobile App EPPY Award

NBC News app
2018 Winner

Best Redesign EPPY Award

NBC News Digital
2017 Winner

Best Mobile App EPPY Award

2017 Honorable Mention

Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards

2017 Winner

Best Mobile Innovation Digiday Award

NBC News app
2015 Winner

NBC Universal's Gem Award

For going above and beyond
2010 Feature

Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps

Book highlight
2010 Feature

Apple's iPad Commercial

Highliting Nota
2007 Speaker

WWDC 2017

Designing & Extending The MacOS X Blog Experience
2003 Feature

Designing Websites for Every Audience

Book highlight
2002 Feature

The Adobe Story

Inside The Publishing Revolution
2002 Feature

Design Interact

Hollywood and the Internet
2002 Feature

How Magazine

The Web At The Movies
2000 Speaker

Internet World

2000 Feature

TV Invterview

Univision's Control TV Show
2000 Winner

Key Art Award

1997 Winner

Florida Magazine Association Award

Mercado Cristiano